Yes, I’m fully aware that this has been debated time and time again; though in light of the release of GCSE grades across the UK today, I wanted to give my perspective as to why I believe grades are so important, but are not the be all and end all.

Back when I received my results in 2013, I attained a so called ‘mixed bag’ – 2A*, 3A and 6B. Was I happy? Delighted. I knew that what I had achieved wasn’t perfect and that I probably shouldn’t have chosen to study certain subjects (ahem music), but I knew that I had done my best, and that gave me a great comfort. I was satisfied – passing English and Maths gave me a secure place in the sixth form I aspired to attend. So simple, right? Nope.

Many others don’t have the success stories that numerous news outlets choose to focus on, and getting one grade lower than you are hoping for shatters you. If someone’s goal was an A* and they got an A, let them be upset; they have every right to be. The same goes for someone who aimed for a B and got a C; the feeling would be mutual.

Whatever grade it is, whether you do fall short by a grade or two or narrowly miss going to the college you’ve been looking forward to, there are always options, and the chances are that you won’t even remember your grades in 10 years time. The media always chooses to focus on those who did attain perfectly – and of course we should celebrate these people! But that’s not to say that those who didn’t attain or exceed their targets didn’t do well. Doing your best is all you can do and that’s all that anyone should want.

(Also it is key to remember that exams! and! grades! don’t! measure! intelligence! just! memory!)

I hope you are all happy, and if today didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, there are always options 🙂